Top Reasons Why Having a "Free Website" is a Bad Idea

Top Reasons Why Having a "Free Website" is a Bad Idea.

If your thinking to make website by using free hosting services. Stop!!! There are some top reasons why having a "Free Website" is a bad idea
Don't go their to use free services. There is lots off reason that will harm you and website.
Learn this article carefully and think wisely.

Means of Free website

If we are new in blogging, then we need to understand the basic concepts of blogs and website, for this purpose, most of beginners want to get free or lower cost website to start their blog or website.
If you will search free website on Google, then you will find lots of companies who are offering free website hosting services.
If you are thinking to use free web hosting and want to build your site without paying anything is not a good idea.

After getting free websites service, you understand the reality behind the word "Free website service". I hope you will not choose free services in your life.
Top Reasons Why Having a Free Website is a Bad Idea

Discussion on top reasons why having a "Free Website" is a bad idea

There are some reasons mentioned in this article that will prove the "Free websites are bad idea". So I am elaborating each point. Read carefully.

Speed of website

There are same servers for hundreds of websites because of free hosting services. This cause of higher loads on servers that may cause of slower loading of site. It is obvious that slower website produces bad visitor experience. Slower speed is also bad for Search Engine Optimization.

Web Address

Free website services gives unprofessional and lengthy web address that not look professional. This kind of web address are difficult to search by user and gives bad experience at all. And when you want to take custom domain, you have to pay higher amount like 20 to 25 dollar instead of 10 dollar.

Trial services

This websites doesnt gives free services at all the time. After sometime, they will ask you to pay. In various cases, this payment will be higher as compared to normal hosting services. They may also charge other charges upon signup without any notification.

Other charges may include

These website also require revenue for their growth, so they ask you to pay for some additional charges e.g. FTP access, email,  website transfer, and hosting for images etc. All charges may be higher as compared to normal charges.

Migration of Data

If you want to switch your website from free services to paid services. Then it may be not possible to shift your data. These free website service provider do not have any tools to migrate your data easily to another site. Then you need to do own or by hire freelancers to shift you your data manually. It increases your cost.

Advertisement on your website

These free services are managed by advertisements. They provides irrelevant advertisement on your website that looks ugly and unsuitable for your visitors. You have build your website but they get revenue from advertisements. It may be possible to get advertisement of your competitor on your website.

Removal of website

They can shutdown or remove your website without giving any notification or reason as mentioned in their terms and conditions. They don't gives data or any way to protect your data when they shut down.

Pack-Up and Go

Free website company may pack-up and go at any time. They will simply turn off their servers and services and you will not get all of your content. They have legal protection to do like this as per their terms and conditions.

Losing of Website Address

If website service provider want to pack-up or shut down their services, then you will not get your website address. In most of cases, it is subdomain name that's why you are not able to redirect users from that site to new one.

Information leak

They can leak your information by selling those information to get money. They may sell your web address, email address, and personal information to other companies to get money.

Website making tools

They provides limited website making tools as compared to original web hosting providers. You will not make a professional website using these tools.


In many cases, you will not be able to install wordpress. Wordpress need more resources that can't be afford by free service providers. If you are able to host wordpress, their servers will not be able to run it. You will faces many errors that may gives bad experience.


Free service providers may cause to distribute malwares in your site or to visitors because of their poor security. Also it may be due to financial benefits. It reduces the reputation of your website as well as affect search engine optimization.

Part of a link farm

Free hosting services get revenue using unethical methods, that's why these services goes disappear and reappear. Generation of link farms is practice where they sell thousands of your website pages to spammers, or fake drugs or gamble websites, and to online scams etc.


It is amount of data or content transferred from website servers to browser of user. It costs money. Most of the free service providers provides limited bandwidth.


There are same servers for hundreds of website. They gives limited space to save your data. After reaching this limit, you need to pay extra amount to increase disk space.


They provide poor security, that why there is possibilities of hacking. and it's very hard to recover your website, if it hacked because of very limited access of your own data or content hosted on free services.

Limited Pages

Some of free service providers gives you a limited number of pages on your site. If you want more pages, you need to upgrade you plan by payment.

Losing of credibility

On free hosted services, users does not feel safe and does not trust on you to share their information that destruct your purpose to create a website.

Limited choice for website design

You can choose thousand of website design on paid services but  on free services you have limited choice with poor design. As well as you can't use your own design on website.
Customer services
There will not be any help or any customer services. You will need to setup on your own experience or existing documents.

Money making

You will not be able to generate revenue by running any advertisement. You can't include affiliate links or adsense codes.


There will not be any regular backup of your data. There is no way to restore your data on bad happenings.

Difficult to remove some Websites

Sometime free service provider companies get revenue from content of users. They make difficult for you to delete your data or website from server. That means your website will remain on their server and it will be hard for you to delete.

Traffic Analysis

You can analyze your website on paid hosting services.You can also install Google analytics or another traffic analysis services. But on free website, you can't do like this to monitor your traffic.

Irritation of Email Offers

Free website companies need money for their continuously growth. That's why they will irritate you by giving special offers on your emails. They may also sale you email to other marketing companies.

Non-Mobile friendly dashboards

You can't access the dashboard of your website from mobile devices. Free website service companies provides dashboards that works only on desktop. It will be hard to update your website using mobile.

Non-Responsive design

They offer old design instead of responsive design. Mobile users consume more than 90 percent of traffic. Because of non-responsive design they provides bad experience. Ultimately loses your users.

Lack of Brand Email

You will not able to create email account on your domain name. You need to use Gmail account or other email instead of domain name based email. This looks unprofessional.

Contact form and email forwards issue

Every website should have a contact form to contact. Free service providers don't have any facilities to provide custom contact form as well as you will not get forward emails

File Upload issue

You can upload too many files on paid services using FTP client/ the media uploader. But free service providers can't offer these services.

Redirection issue

Its very easy to redirect on wordpress with many way to manage SEO of your site. You can't redirect here on free services. Although, if you want to shift on paid service later, then you will not be able to redirect from free services.

Wastage of Time

If you want a website for your brand or for a long time. Then you will give a long time to create it. So this time is useless for you. Don't use free services because they are difficult, not safe, not reliable and reduces the chances of growth.

Even not suitable for Practice

I will not suggest you take free website services, even for practice purpose.