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List of All Shortcut Keys of Computer from A to Z

List of all shortcut keys of computer from A to Z.

Hi dosto,
Today I am coming with list of all the shortcut keys that can be used in computers to perform an individual task.
List of All Shortcut Keys of Computer from A to Z

Details of Shortcut Keys

CTRL (C) + A - This key is used to select all the content.
C + B - Used to bold a text.
C + C - To copy anything.
C + D -
C + E -
C + F - To search or find something in pdf or webpage.
C + G -
C + H -
C + I - It helps to italic the words.
C+ J - It helps in align the text from both side, you can also say justify the text.
C + K -
C + L - It helps in align the text towards left side.
C + M -
C + N - To create new fresh documents or file.
C + O - To open existing documents or file.
C + P - Helps in printing of any file or documents.
C + Q -
C + R - It helps in align the text towards right side.
C + S - Helps to save or preserve the documents or files for next use.
C + T - Uses to open new tab on browser.
C + U - Helps to underline the text.
C + V - It helps to paste the text or anything that is cutted or copied.
C + W -
C + X - It helps to cut the text or anything and allow to move the text or anything.
C + Y - This is used to redo.
C + Z - It has amazing work. It undo the commands.

So friends this is the list of some shortcut keys. I will also add some more details in this article. So keep continue with us.