Weather Warning Color Codes - Know the Meaning of Each Color

Weather Warning Color Codes - Know the Meaning of Each Color

Alert of many colors used to tell weather conditions, Red tells dangerous situation.
Often, we read the news of the weather as if the red alert is issued somewhere, orange at someplace. The Indian Meteorological Department has issued Orange Alert on Monday (24th of September) in Delhi too. Meanwhile, Orange Alert imposed in all the districts of Kerala has been withdrawn. But many people have trouble in understanding what the alert means.
Weather Warning Color Codes

The weather department issues red alerts, orange alerts, yellow alerts etc. to warn of weather related issues. Many times in the newspaper are displayed as red, orange, yellow and green alert lines on the map of India. The Meteorological Department says that colors are selected in conjunction with many agencies.
According to the Meteorological Department, alerts of these colors are used to give information about gushing heat, cold wave, monsoon or cyclonic storm etc. In the same way, color code is also used to describe the fury of cyclonic storms. That means color changes through fear.

Let's know what Weather Warning Color Codes alert means-

This is the meaning of all these alerts

Green alert

Many times the green alert is issued by the weather department. This means there is no danger at the respective place.

Yellow Alert

Weather Department uses the Yellow Alert to alert people. This means that be aware of danger. Let this alert be the signal of Just Watch.

Orange alert

The weather department says that, as the weather gets worse, the Yellow Alert is updated by updating the Orange Alert. This means that be prepared for the danger. Under this alert, people are asked to be careful about moving around.

Red alert

Red alert means dangerous situation. The weather department says that red alert is issued when the weather reaches dangerous levels and there is a risk of heavy loss.